I Like To Dupe, Dupe, Dupe Louis and Gucci

Hey honey bunny. You want to look fancy but it’s just not in the budget right now because you’ve got big kid bills? No worries, you can still ball, boo boo. Now, this is coming from a woman who has both and let me tell you, I feel just as fancy carrying my $2500 bag as I do my $30 bag. It’s all in the hips, baby. If you’re so inclined to spend a small fortune on handbags, belts and shoes, I support you. If you couldn’t imagine ever spending that kind of money on such frivolous things, I get that too and support you. No judgement from this lady. Here are my luxury dupes so you too can feel like a princess in Target.

#1. Louis Vuitton Toiletry Bag

Need a makeup bag that screams, “I don’t care if my foundation spills in here.” Or, “I wear dark eyeshadow and don’t have to worry about cleaning my brush before it touches my light tan velvet.” This is the one. The pattern matches perfectly to my real Louis and feels just as nice.

#2 Gucci Belt

I know, I know. Everyone and their Mama has one of these now. BUT, if YOU don’t and you want to hang with them and their Mom, here you go. I had to make the real one with a grey background so I could tell the difference. Imagine your insta picture possibilities. #guccigang

#3 Louis Wallet

I love a good zippy wallet, feels like all my cards are snuggled in safe and sound. If you’re like me, your poor wallet gets thrown around from diaper bag to purse to jacket pocket, etc. Having this dupe option, you can throw it around, carefree. You also won’t cry if you’re out at a bar and someone spills a drink on the table and gets your wallet wet.

#4 Gucci Bag

Classic and chic. I love the dupe, it’s great quality and has held up nicely. I have a baby people, I can’t be slinging around $2k bags. I need something that can take some drool without me losing my mind. The chain is annoyingly loud but the bag is perfect. It even goes with leggings.

I will be testing other products soon and will report back. I hope these make you feel like a million bucks and allow you to walk through Wal-Mart like you’re somebody who can buy all the makeup and groceries you want. Everyone deserves to feel like they belong and hold their heads high. Sometimes, a purse can help you do that. Do whatever works for you.

Cheers, Lana.