Toxic Free Lifestyle

I want you to know the facts when it comes to toxins and how they silently cause harm to you and your loved ones. Chemicals are bad for you, we all know that. I know that the chemicals in my mascara are terrible for me but am I going to look like a lash-less hot mess all the time? Negative. I’ve got things to do. I’m sharing what I’m currently doing to help keep my family healthy and balance everyday life without running away to live in a tree. Heads up, I’m not trying to sell you anything, do what you will with this information, boo boo.

To start, The Rain Barrel Effect by Dr. Stephen Cabral is full of facts and information to help you on this journey. I highly recommend this book if you’re interested in this topic at all.

Here are some scary facts to keep you up at night. Umbilical cord blood carries an average of 232 man-made toxins to a baby. So before they even get a glimpse of the world, they have toxins flowing through their tiny bodies. This was a jaw dropper for me. I hate it for my daughter and felt major guilt over this. Had I known, I could have made changes. Armed with that information, I felt a huge responsibility to lessen the toxins in our home and surroundings. If that’s how many toxins we’re passing to our children, what’s in our bodies? How are we being effected by these toxins? Cancer? Illness? Weight gain? What can I do to get these out of my body and environment? I know, I panicked too.

Side Effects of a Toxic Body

Have you ever had brain fog? Headaches? Constipation? Me too. Everything we put on our skin has chemicals that only add to the level of toxicity we carry. Makeup, sunscreen, lotions, chapsticks, nail polish…yes, all bad. Im not suggesting to stop using all of these things. Just know what you’re dealing with and find your balance.

So what can we do? Here’s where a toxic free lifestyle comes in to play. I have several friends and family members who are into essential oils. Don’t huff, stay with me, it will be worth it. There are so many benefits that come from these oils. Let me be upfront with you, I am just as suspicious as most about things like this. I’m down for antibiotics, I brake for Aleve, I buy pre-made baby food at the store. BUT, if oils can help, I will try them. Im here to tell you, they help.

Cleaning with Essential Oils

Here’s what I mean by “help.” I am an obsessive countertop cleaner. I LOVED Clorox anti-bacterial wipes. I really felt like I was protecting my family from germs by using these. Do you know how those magical wipes kill germs? By using antimicrobial pesticides. You read that right, I was spreading pesticides all over my precious countertops. Here’s my cleaning saving grace, THIEVES. Thieves is a blend of Clove, Cinnamon Bark, Rosemary, Lemon, and Eucalyptus. Thieves works by neutralizing bacteria and harmful pathogens. Check out this test from the Not Your Average Oiler Blog. You don’t have to sacrifice your familys’ health to kill germs.

You can also diffuse thieves in your home. I have this by our bed, in our living room and in our daughter’s room. Thieves disinfects the air you breathe and keeps the germs at bay. I also rub this on the bottom of our feet, including my 6 month old, to help support immunity. There is hand soap, vegetable and fruit soak, toothpaste and so on. I can’t say enough about thieves, I’m addicted.

Other Oils and Usage

The reference guide below shows a few common oils and what they can be used for. My family and I use the majority of these on a daily basis. Have you dealt with allergies, upset stomach, tight shoulders or back, sore throat or headache? One or more of the oils below will help all those things. We will go to these oils before we take medication. Like I said before, I will go to Aleve when needed, but from all the years of taking Aleve or the like, I know I need to try the natural route first. Hi kidneys, please forgive me.

Young Living has a full line of toxic and cruelty free makeup. I will be doing a review of this line soon and will get back to you.

Bottom line, we have options. We don’t have to sit back only to keep filling up on toxins and allowing our bodies to be exposed and attacked by harmful substances. You can actually fight back. Essential oils are a way to do that.

For more information or if you just want to look around press the link below.

Cheers, Lana.

Our Birth Story

I know “birth stories” are a dime a dozen, but here’s another one. Why? Because I worked extra hard for this one, you better believe it.

Photo Credit: Erica Kirby Photography

On August 13th, 2018, we went to the doctor for what seemed like the 42nd time in two weeks with high hopes that I (and by “I,” I mean my stubborn cervix) had made some progress. I was 39 weeks pregnant and beyond miserable. Also, it was mid August in the South, y’all. Feel for me, but feel for my husband more. LORD.

Our sweet doctor came into the room with that smile on her face like “I know you hate everything and everyone right now,” she was dead on. She then proceeded with the super fun pelvic check and sighed. JUST WHAT I WANTED TO HEAR. “Well it’s softening,” she said. Long story short, we were induced that night at 5pm. Why? Because I couldn’t take it any longer and they were certain my baby was going to be around 10 pounds. I’m 5’3” and my husband is 6’4”, good times.

So we’re in the hospital, drugs administered, laying around waiting for some action. They told me I could eat before midnight so naturally I ate some Chick Fil A. I ate it all but two nuggets, my nerves were all over the place. My parents and husband stayed in the room with me that night, my parents on the floor and hubby on the bed/couch contraption. I woke up around 3am STARVING. All I could think about was those two nuggets in the trash can. If I could have gotten up, you already know. There was no shame in my game. I brought some saltine crackers in my purse (is that normal?), and needed them desperately. I whisper yelled to my husband, nothing. Dead asleep. I whisper yelled to my Mom, nothing. Also, dead asleep. I thought I could hit them with a pillow and hopefully wake them up, but what if they didn’t wake up? Then I would be out my precious pillows. Finally I whisper yelled enough that my husband woke up and begrudgingly retrieved them for me, he was tired, bless his heart.

So the morning time rolled around, 0600 on the dot, a nurse comes in to check me and I had made “some” progress. We played cards, kept track of how many people commented on my super cute, patterned hospital gown (my husband thought I was being way too extra, jokes on him), watched tv and visited with friends. Contractions were happening, I had a hand held fan that was my best friend and I had to pee about every 15 minutes or so. The contractions were happening regularly but still no progress. I was hungry and tired and trust me when I say, when I am either of those things, you don’t want to be in my line of sight.

The nice nurse said “Do you plan on having an epidural?” HELL TO THE YES, I DO. That happened around 9:00pm on Tuesday night. Now up until this point, I had dreaded that damn needle in my back. I was scared, shaking and massive. “Curl your back like a mad cat!” Yeah, ok buddy, do you see this beachball in front of me? Two pokes later, I was numb.

Resting and waiting, they broke my water at 2:30am on Wednesday morning, that’s 24 hours without food people and I’ve had every popsicle on that floor just for documenting sake. Fast forward 14 hours, the doctor came in and said it was time to call it. “We need to take her.” I had a fever and her heart rate was all over the place.

Let me give you some background on me real quick. I didn’t get my blood drawn until I was 30. Why? Because I have had a phobia my entire life. I had my wisdom teeth taken out when I was 23, that’s the only kind of surgery I have ever had. So you can imagine what my brain did when they told me I was about to be cut open WHILE I WAS AWAKE. I cried my eyes out but pulled myself together knowing that it was time to MOM UP.

Penelope Elizabeth was born on August 15th at 5:14pm. She was perfect and worth every bit of it.

Since then I’ve been welcomed into the Mom club and learning it all the hard way as I normally tend to do.

What was your birth like? Was it dreamy and went according to plan? Did you do drugs or take the natural route? I read every “birth story” blog I could get my hands on because I NEEDED to know the details. I needed to prepare myself for every possible scenario and pain. Now, hopefully my story can give some scared to death mama to be some relief in that it’s doable and you can do anything in that moment because you have to boo- boo.

Cheers, Lana.

Well, Hello There

Life is hard. I don’t care who you are or what walk of life you come from. After years of therapy and countless hours of analyzing any and everything, I thought it was time to put my work on the screen. Please allow me to introduce myself…

Hi, I’m Lana. I’m a new mother who recently left the corporate world for diapers, drool and cuddles. I am married to a man who sets the world on fire every day while conquering the business universe one solution at a time. I have two dogs, yes, they are yorkies, were you thinking that? Spot on. I have an obsessive personality which is SUPER fun for my inner circle but I love fiercely so hopefully that makes up for it? I get a high from organizing just about anything and wiping countertops is right up there with rum and Diet Coke (with a twist of lime) on my happy list.

This “blog” will be a place where you can feel at home and maybe find a bit of humor and/or relief in my experiences. If you’re going through it, chances are, I’ve been there too or have some thoughts on the issue that can maybe be of use. So, Hi. Welcome! Let’s do life.

Cheers to you!

Photo Credit: Photo Love photography