Organizing Yo Life

Organizing Yo Life

Have you heard of Marie Kondo? If you haven’t, she’s my soulmate and I want to say that up front. If you have and you’re just not that into her… keep on moving, crazy. This blog post is not for you.

I am a VERY organized and structured person, it’s one of my favorite parts about myself. I LOVE lists and cleaning out my house. Therapy corner: This directly ties back to my childhood and how I learned to cope with stress and anxiety, it’s really worked out for my husband. Back to my sweet Marie, she’s a tiny little angel who goes around to people’s homes and helps them declutter and simplify their lives by asking “Does this spark joy for you?” She has a show on Netflix and a website, highly recommend….don’t roll your eyes, it’s life changing.

Marie has basic rules for tidying up. Ah rules, thank you sweet, structured angel. I want to elaborate(how I interpret and apply them) on these a bit and bring them down to our undeserving level. I’m trapped in a rabbit hole people, I’ve cleaned out my Grandmother’s closet (hi, Grandma!), and have been working on my parents home for 3 weeks now. My Mom is completely opposite than me when it comes to cleaning out and purging so this has been super fun (love you, Mom!). Call me, I’ll come clean yours out too, I’m on a roll. Here are Marie’s rules.

RULE 01 Commit yourself to tidying up – Mind over matter here. Identify the areas that needs attention, mark off some time to get them done and dig in whole heartedly.

RULE 02 Imagine your ideal lifestyle You know how like on Real Housewives you see their homes and most of them have perfectly organized refrigerators, pantries and closets? And you think to yourself, “Wow, that’s really pretty, maybe I should do my areas that way.” Yeah, that’s not going to be your ideal lifestyle, boo boo. Those darling hot messes have staff. I know, one day we will too, damn it. Alright so for this rule, here’s what you should do. Take this vanity in picture #1 for example. What products do you use everyday? Give those some land on top of your space so that they will be easily accessible and in eyes’ view. What products or tools do you not use everyday? First of all, go through those and make sure #1 they haven’t expired and #2 do you really need them? The things you’ve decided to keep need to find a home in a drawer, cabinet, etc. See picture #2? Yes, like that. This will change your everyday routine and will make it so much easier to keep up with what you’re about to be out of and let you better utilize your 57 things of eyeshadow and samples you’ve gotten from our beloved beauty stores/subscription boxes. Ideal lifestyles for us normal people include baskets and bins to wrangle alike items in.

RULE 03 Finish discarding first –Have you ever gone through a box of paperwork or magazines and thrown pretty much the whole thing away? Or cleaned out your closet and had 8 trash bags of clothes you no longer want? Ahhh it gives me a high like what I imagine sniffing paint would be like. So therapeutic! I don’t know why, it just does. Crap weighs us down, people! So for this rule, attack those closets, junk drawers, stacks of papers, magazines, old pictures, etc and THROW crap away you don’t need or put it in a pile to sale or donate. Go through all those areas and then circle back around and organize later, or do it then if you’re so inclined. Here are a few pictures from our closet and how I’ve grouped and color coordinated AFTER I cleaned everything out.

RULE 04 Tidy by category, not by location- So Marie does this by going through clothes first, which is a fantastic idea because clothes take up so much space. She goes on to do books, memories, etc. I clean out one room at a time because that’s what works for my OCD brain. This method of category not location might work best for you. Either way, it gets the job done so do whatever will keep you motivated and productive.

RULE 05 Follow the right order- Clothes, books, paper, miscellaneous items, sentimental items. This is Marie’s order. This may work wonders for you if you are lost and have no clue where to start on your journey. I will tell you again to do what works best for you but this list can keep you going in the right direction!

RULE 06 Ask yourself if it sparks joy- I know that I annoyed my family to no end every time this phrase came out of my mouth. BUT, if you’re stuck on a sweatshirt from high school or a pair of heels that kill your feet when you wear them, seriously, ask yourself if that item makes you happy. If it doesn’t give you that little inner squeal, part ways with it. For me, black leggings spark hella joy for me so I gave them a whole drawer to live in. Lean in to what you love and your days will be better for it.

I’m going to clean something now. Hope this post sparks some joy for you.

Cheers, Lana

Toxic Free Lifestyle

I want you to know the facts when it comes to toxins and how they silently cause harm to you and your loved ones. Chemicals are bad for you, we all know that. I know that the chemicals in my mascara are terrible for me but am I going to look like a lash-less hot mess all the time? Negative. I’ve got things to do. I’m sharing what I’m currently doing to help keep my family healthy and balance everyday life without running away to live in a tree. Heads up, I’m not trying to sell you anything, do what you will with this information, boo boo.

To start, The Rain Barrel Effect by Dr. Stephen Cabral is full of facts and information to help you on this journey. I highly recommend this book if you’re interested in this topic at all.

Here are some scary facts to keep you up at night. Umbilical cord blood carries an average of 232 man-made toxins to a baby. So before they even get a glimpse of the world, they have toxins flowing through their tiny bodies. This was a jaw dropper for me. I hate it for my daughter and felt major guilt over this. Had I known, I could have made changes. Armed with that information, I felt a huge responsibility to lessen the toxins in our home and surroundings. If that’s how many toxins we’re passing to our children, what’s in our bodies? How are we being effected by these toxins? Cancer? Illness? Weight gain? What can I do to get these out of my body and environment? I know, I panicked too.

Side Effects of a Toxic Body

Have you ever had brain fog? Headaches? Constipation? Me too. Everything we put on our skin has chemicals that only add to the level of toxicity we carry. Makeup, sunscreen, lotions, chapsticks, nail polish…yes, all bad. Im not suggesting to stop using all of these things. Just know what you’re dealing with and find your balance.

So what can we do? Here’s where a toxic free lifestyle comes in to play. I have several friends and family members who are into essential oils. Don’t huff, stay with me, it will be worth it. There are so many benefits that come from these oils. Let me be upfront with you, I am just as suspicious as most about things like this. I’m down for antibiotics, I brake for Aleve, I buy pre-made baby food at the store. BUT, if oils can help, I will try them. Im here to tell you, they help.

Cleaning with Essential Oils

Here’s what I mean by “help.” I am an obsessive countertop cleaner. I LOVED Clorox anti-bacterial wipes. I really felt like I was protecting my family from germs by using these. Do you know how those magical wipes kill germs? By using antimicrobial pesticides. You read that right, I was spreading pesticides all over my precious countertops. Here’s my cleaning saving grace, THIEVES. Thieves is a blend of Clove, Cinnamon Bark, Rosemary, Lemon, and Eucalyptus. Thieves works by neutralizing bacteria and harmful pathogens. Check out this test from the Not Your Average Oiler Blog. You don’t have to sacrifice your familys’ health to kill germs.

You can also diffuse thieves in your home. I have this by our bed, in our living room and in our daughter’s room. Thieves disinfects the air you breathe and keeps the germs at bay. I also rub this on the bottom of our feet, including my 6 month old, to help support immunity. There is hand soap, vegetable and fruit soak, toothpaste and so on. I can’t say enough about thieves, I’m addicted.

Other Oils and Usage

The reference guide below shows a few common oils and what they can be used for. My family and I use the majority of these on a daily basis. Have you dealt with allergies, upset stomach, tight shoulders or back, sore throat or headache? One or more of the oils below will help all those things. We will go to these oils before we take medication. Like I said before, I will go to Aleve when needed, but from all the years of taking Aleve or the like, I know I need to try the natural route first. Hi kidneys, please forgive me.

Young Living has a full line of toxic and cruelty free makeup. I will be doing a review of this line soon and will get back to you.

Bottom line, we have options. We don’t have to sit back only to keep filling up on toxins and allowing our bodies to be exposed and attacked by harmful substances. You can actually fight back. Essential oils are a way to do that.

For more information or if you just want to look around press the link below.

Cheers, Lana.