“Body Image” = beating a dead horse. I know, I know. Do I LOVE my body all the time, no. Am I in crazy good shape and wake up super pumped to drink celery juice? Also, no. Do I scrutinize every picture of myself and have days where I think I’m Charlize Therons’ twin from Monster? Yes. But here’s the deal, I’m a grumpy, angry lady when I feel frumpy and that doesn’t help anyone or anything. Being weighed down by my appearance is exhausting. So here’s what I’ve done for myself and maybe it can help you too.

Like most women my age, I’ve been through all the trendy slogans and campaigns. Like Dove’s advertisement below:

Do these kinds of advertisements do anything for you? When I see these kinds of ads, I’m immediately thinking “Hell yeah, girl power.” Does it make me feel like my body is perfect the way it is? No. Let me just say this so you don’t get it twisted, I am all for loving yourself, curves and all. Some women need to hear things like “embrace your curves” and “love your body,” etc. Some women wouldn’t change a thing and some have better and bigger things in life to worry about. Whatever does it for you. For me, I want to be strong and toned. Plus I’m a perfectionist so I’m never satisfied. You feel me? I’m not going to tell you to love your body the way it is unless, in fact, you do. I’m simply going to tell you to take action and stop being disappointed with yourself. Here are some tips:

  1. Don’t Self Sabotage: Be real with your schedule. I would feel like a big fat piece of poo one day and schedule 5:30am workouts for every morning for the next month, only to depress myself further every time I looked at my calendar and realized I hadn’t made one of those a reality. This is called self sabotage. Stop it. Another personal self sabotage favorite of mine was to throw out everything that came in a box and buy all new “healthy” groceries. Only to get to snacky time where my husband would stand in the pantry like a sad, lost puppy.
  2. Stop Complaining About Yourself: You know those friends that are always like “Omg, I look fat,” “Omg I shouldn’t be eating this, it’s not on my diet,” “Omg I can’t even imagine going swimsuit shopping this year,” and you’re duty is to reply with “Omg Becky, nooooo you’re not fat, why are you on a diet, you look great!” Y’all, it’s exhausting on your tribe when you’re constantly bringing in your negative, needy crap. Say those things to yourself like a normal person and do something about it if it’s that bad. Good vibes only and such…
  3. Start With The Food You’re Putting In Your Mouth: Lean protein, veggies, fruits. You know this, don’t play yourself. You know you can’t have carb loaded meals everyday then be like whyyyy can’t I lose weight. You also know you can’t go to Sonic and get a Route 44 Cherry Limeade and sip on it all day long. Your body needs water for so many things, this is one of the easiest ways to take care of yourself. Watch what you eat and drink, educate yourself if you think you eat well but still can’t make that scale number go down. I cried when I realized how bad my coffee creamer actually was, it’s ok to not know things.
  4. Move Your Body: Even better, elevate your heart rate and sweat. You don’t have to join a gym or buy a program. Go for a walk, do jumping jacks and pushups in your living room, use your body weight to strengthen your core. All this stuff is googalable. There are a MILLION videos out there that can teach you all kinds of workouts. You will have to put effort into this, nobody will be able to do it for you. You are not Kim K or Beyonce…it makes me sad too.
  5. Dress For Your Today Body: Nothing makes me feel worse than trying to fit into my skinny jeans or that too tight top. It makes me grumpy all day, I dedicated my life to leggings and flowy tops, long ago. Don’t set yourself up to feel miserable in your skin. If you have to suck it in when you look in the mirror before you leave the house, don’t wear it.

We all have our good days where you can kind of see some abs, and our bad days where it’s a definite muffin top. Do something for yourself and diminish this body image thing out of your everyday life. We will never be perfect but we can be happy with our return on investments.

Cheers, Lana.

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